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You may start vitamin C supplement Use homoeopathic toothpaste heklalava by wheezal And massage your gums with mixture of turmeric and salt. However, if you have bad breath or experience pain and discomfort, it is best to consult a doctor. Sofiya Jun 29, We don’t support your browser. Importance of tongue cleaning.

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And sometimes it pain very badly. Only the wrong brushing technique that we follow harms our teeth and kaiean. Page last updated on 5 June Infected gums are sensitive to touch also so when your brush is in contact with infected gums it bleeds.

Dr. Kaiwan F Khandhadia

Tooth brush to be kaowan every 2 months. Where Organisations have provided the ability for you to email them, this is for the purpose of potential Patient or Clients enquiry or contact and for referral purposes only.

This removal can be done with the help of a scalpel or laser. Usually, this mode kaiwam treatment gets rid of bacteria, which healthcare professionals believe have a major role in the formation and growth of tonsil stones. Make the water, lukewarm and dd half a teaspoon of salt. It is not to kaisan used to solicit business or the seeking of employment etc. I have a little pain in my front upper left tooth for 3 days today I noticed that is also moving a little bit.


My friend is affected with severe bad breath issue for long time, he brushed his teeth twice a day and using mouth wash but the sais issue not reduced and also some time when he cough some white small stones ,tonsil stones come from his throat. You may have problems of gums bleeding.

You can consult Dr. Am 21 years old. You rd consult a dentist for cleaning and polishing. Hi lybrate-user It is unfortunate that you are going through these repeated treatment relapses. But later my teeth got relapsed.

Dr Kaiwan Gan MNZM | The Governor-General of New Zealand

Use of a proper tongue scraper every morning will remove tongue plaque and freshen your breath. Treatment of Cavities Get Cost Estimate. Usually, tonsilloliths, as tonsil stones are also called, are harmless and do not require treatment. Dissolve the salt and gargle with the water.

Dr Kaiwan Gan MNZM

East Tamaki 09 View the profile of medical specialists and their reviews from other patients to make an informed decision. Importance of tongue cleaning.


What should I do for it? You can get relief from the pain and discomfort by gargling with salt water. Floss your teeth inter dentally once a day. Get Directions By public transit Walking Bicycling.

Dr. Kaiwan F Khandhadia | surat dental hospital | India

Dental Fillings Get Cost Estimate. This is a noninvasive laser treatment that gets ksiwan of the pockets and crevices where the tonsil stones are lodged. Tooth extraction is the last option only if no other measures are possible. So again wen I was 19 I took a re treatment no removal of teeth and removed my braces when I was 20 and due to this one of my front upper tooth got discoloured and I went for root canal and then for a cap.

Submit a review for Dr. Doctor has over 16 years of experience as a Dentist. Healthpages can help your business grow Learn more. Do not swallow the salt water while gargling.