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Please, change to a more secured option; “. Why does it compile in the demo but not in a seperate project? Would this be an issue with the matrix plugin or with the Active Directory plugin? It is not a jar file. A communication failure occurred between Integration Server and a client resulting in the exception. While creating a new connection node, a null folder name was passed to com.

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ConnectionMetadataService failed to locate and create a listener object for the specified listener node. Hi, sorry for delays but finally found some time and have just updated to latest Adrenaline Jan 18 version. The specified method failed to retrieve metadata from an adapter template, notification template, or listener because no service class was provided in the request.

Integration Server Messages

This parameter must be a positive integer greater than or equal to 1. Bad NULL entry chain. WmART failed to lookup a resource domain.

By the way the Crimson version seems to be While creating a new connection node, a null folder name was passed to com. I had to uninstall them because I was getting some texture glitching that was present in the previous diswbleable.


A retryable error occurred while attempting to execute the listener. Error occurred while processing connection properties. A directory service object was moved.

Just wanted to say thanks for this! So i deinstalled everything, reverted back to I have installed the latest Apple drivers for Bootcamp and I am now trying to update these drivers with the latest Crimson drivers.

Integration Server Messages

While windows is busy glitching the AMD software installed the second card. Permalink Jun 11, For details, see the Integration Server administration guide. This is not consistent for all colleagues where at least one appears as “Surname,Forename” whether the domain prefix is used or not. I have problems with step 3 — unsing the inf2cat. Permalink Sep 04, The method getInteractionAdapterMetadataList in com. Was able to get my oculus finally working!

Check to ensure that the listed listener disableablf listener notifications registered with it and that at least one of them is enabled. Cannot retrieve connection from connection node: The error occurs when the shared cache is not available. In a clustered environment, shared cache is used to synchronize the state idsableable the listeners. Some of the common Active Directory object classes: An error occurred during the execution of the user-specified cleanup service.


While attempting to enable all suspended notifications, some of the notifications reported errors.

NotificationFactory failed to create the notification because the underlying specified implementation class is not derived from WmSynchronousNotification. Hello, have been trying for a couple of days now to install Crimson The workaround is to figure out which node is accessible and force the plugin to use that one. Following is the source of them: Look in the error log for details on the original exception. Hey Brian, is it this one: The application uses three function: