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This release corrects the refresh issue so data changes are immediately visible without user input. The Project History list accommodates a larger number of Recent Projects. Parsed Signals still have the alternate function of snapping to Frames instead of Fields but Signal Snaps on Parsed Signals will now skip all Field and Frame idle periods. I presume that you’ll be accommodated at MPC? Start each project from a preconfigured template. New theme option to display backgrounds in a 3D Satin gradient or a Flat single color.

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When canceling a selected action or in the advent of a missing file selection, the Project Selections are immediately re-displayed. On subsequent captures Preview,Run,Auto Runthe window will reappear where you last positioned it. Corrected – By default, the signal name was used as the export file name. State signals can now be viewed as Hex, Decimal or Octal values. Please try your search again later.

Searches Sequences of fields within sequences of frames for all parsed signals and plug-ins Supports searching multiple data slices per field 9. Version Compatibility a. Use the Control Key when clicking near a marker to jump directly to a marker. When the installation is complete, plug in the DigiView. Hardware Trigger Formula View a.


Red Sky Global DigiView K11 User Manual

Starting with this version, the default is disabled. Files previously configured for a specific DigiView Analyzer or Analyzer capture mode can be opened and used with a different analyzer model. Delete Bookmarked captures only. If Mouse Position or context menu items are available they digview be seen by using the Right-Click method of activating the menu.

Digi View inch Digital Photo Key Ring: : Camera & Photo

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Additional configuration features allow more customization without needing a custom plug-in. Now, every marker color set is usable with any color theme. Theme selection now affects colors in the entire application, including menus and dialogs.

Each Waveform window has a “birdseye” navigation bar across the bottom of the window showing marker positions and the viewing location relative to the entire data captured. New Year honours Latest: They are uncommon but if you look at the tray that comes out of the CD drives you will see the middle has a small recess, thats for the 80cm CD.

Corrected DV Digivkew Option behavior. This feature is handy if you accidentally marque and want to return to the previous zoom or if you want to quickly browse back and forth between multiple points of interest.


Added an option to hide the Waveform View’s static Marker Measurements when the measured points are out of view. Behavior of the button on the title bar of docked windows has changed. All menus in the application now have a title bar identifying the menu. Automatically runs selected searches after each capture. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour: When cross linked, the time of Link Groups 1 and 2 will stay figiview.

Specific captures can be “book marked” for easy location. Halt Do Not Retrieve Data. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

All settings Signals, Trigger Configurations, Searches will be converted even if the number of channels do not match. While dragging a marker over a waveform, a visual indicator highlights the edge or position the Marker will snap to when released. Toggles selection of Compliment and Zooms to the pair splits if not already split.