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Hope this helps u a bit..! Anonymous Maybe this isn’t the right place for this post but I will try anyway Let’s hear if anything I’ve said here is helpful. The manual is well done, but we did not really need. Maybe you have to sort them out to see what is for what. Jun 18, Rating any advice?

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All user reviews for the Yamaha DGX-630

The keyboard was hereby bought today for the price of approximately euros. I’m expecting mine to arrive in a few weeks, and I hope it really feels and sounds like an actual piano.

Gdx DGX will help you learn to play Packed with professional performance features such as a 6-track sequencer, the DGX remains easy to carry and can be battery operated.

Sort by most recent most useful. Feb 19, Rating. Nice settling of the waters. You forgot to identify yourself?

You have all the benefits of the traditional keyboard, superb rhythms and sounds making the music we create sound great and this motivates us. Finding piano pieces by Arnes. I would like to ask about the function of the metronome of the Yamaha dgx By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


Jun 18, Rating. Mantius – Yes the oaktree site is oaktreevintagesales. May 15, Rating How to Unless anyone else have experienced a problem which I must have missed? Jun 18, Rating any advice?

Features include; 88 weighted graded hammer action keys, the Yamaha Educational Suite, approximately preset voices, 29 types of reverb, 24 types of chorus, types DSP, capability to download songs off the internet and of course the option of playing with headphones. Oct 14, Rating.

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Sep 20, Rating. That does not mean ‘Go and do it yourself’. Comments for Saving with the USB? I highly recommend this 360 to everyone. Sep 22, Rating. With Ezone you can shop from any website and not need a US address. Let’s hear if anything I’ve said here is helpful.

Problem with Middle C –DGX 630

This keyboard allows you to play songs with one or more voices at a time; such as a flute, drums, guitar, etc. DGX Reset by: Feb 22, Rating.


I’m not familiar with your unit, and you may have some recordings stored in memory. Maybe you don’t want all the bells and whistles, but it’s nice ot have a multi-track recorder, and a bunch of really good sounding voices. There are also a lot of people knowing a sgx of a lot about repairing keyboards without being a keyboard repair-person themselves by profession.

I have played the piano since I was a child taking lessons.

Yamaha DGX Keyboard

I’m always open to ideas for improvement. May 14, Rating.

With over voices and touch response, your playing can be as expressive as on an acoustic instrument. Cases Pedals Other Stands Benches. Our Music Shop is on the outskirts of Preston with forecourt parking for 8 cars.