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You may have a damaged serial port on the Cutter from the lightning strike. I have tried everything that I read from others that sounded like the same problem. I even tried all of this on another laptop with XP on it. I am extremely frustrated. I would have to agree that there is something wrong in the communication aspect of the setup for the Windows 7 driver. If it’s a decal that’s 12 feet, hand cut it. I can finally get it to cut letters but it doesn’t cut everything and it gives me zig zag lines through some of the letters.

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It’ll be way faster. And it doesn’t end there. While I was in there, I did check to make sure that the driver buffer settings were still at 1 and they are.

USB adaptor for Master vinyl cutting plotter. Feb 23, 8 Conundrum New Member 12 0 0 Oct 25, Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a couple grand to throw down on a cutter, so something more budget will have to do for the small jobs. Cutting Protection Strip for Master Cutter Discussion in ‘ Miscellaneous Plotters ‘ started by ConundrumFeb 23, Mother Board for Master vinyl cutting plotter Model: I tried all 8 combinations for the handshake settings: Vinyl Express plotters Mark HJun 29,in forum: If possible have a word with desay they may have spare serial boards, it depends how the cutter is made.


If you have the facilities check the handshake voltage from the cutter it should be volts. Lightning struck my dwsay and killed the computer.

I have read everything I can think of. Thicker materials track further. Get with out support folks at support signwarehouse.

Vinyl Express R31 vs Desay Master Tiger 1000

It’s also worth trying with no handshake disable all 3 flow control options in SignGo. Follow the instructions on 4 and 5 of the SignTools 4 User Guide. Feb 23, 4. USB adaptor for Master vinyl cutting plotter Model: This driver rarely gives troubles.

They make awesome equipment dude. Other companies send people to our support site. Or could there be another issue.

I understand why it doesn’t hit every single time You can access their help page and get their support hotline number by clicking here. No experience with a Graphtec, but everything I’ve read makes me wish we had one.

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Jerry Barrax and I are paid members of this site, and have been for years. Any help would be appreciated.

Desay Master Tiger |Driver

Before looking at a repair I would recommend you speak with the Master cutter distributor tigeer to ensure all bases are covered. Feb 23, 6. I have been trying to figure this out and subletting my vinyl orders out to another shop until I get this thing fixed Pinch roller assembly for Master vinyl cutting plotter.