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How do the pre-loaded Garmin maps compare with the PN maps in terms of details? An example would be the Idaho-Oregon-Nevada tri-state line. Some of the Garmin models have bigger screens, but are also more expensive. Tim – December 11th, The number one reason anyone might consider the DeLorme PN is because of the maps.

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DeLorme PN GPS Review

Do not count on this unit too save your life its garbage. This site uses cookies to offer you a better experience. Good luck, Robert Robert – April 2nd, I have it on power save and know how to use it. Turning it on and setting the battery types appropriately in the PN40 menu, then letting it sit with a 3-D fix inside the house at a window ambient temp around Fdoing nothing with controls, the results have been: You will probably need some help from a computer literate friend to copy the topo maps from the dics provided by Delorme to the GPS.

The Delorme has a faster processer, which may be why it is fast gettign a fix.

Will this be slower than the SE? Unfortunately Garmin products also have quality issues. Garmin has ln-40 but as of today it is not yet available a satellite imagery product called Garmin BirdsEye. For the DeLorme PN, I think the limit right now is 1, however a firmware update is reportedly coming out in a few months that will remove the limit and it will essentially take as many as your SD card can hold.


Trending Price New. Most of the activities people will use the GPS for are during activities where you can bring the screen closer to you in your hand if need be. Screen came up and light on briefly, then light off but screen still showing.

Delorme can use the raster mpas because the memory delorne on the Pn is large and processor is fast. I tried powering down several times unsuccessfully.

DeLorme PN-40

I own and use the PN and for the most part am happy with it, but there is always a but. One of the best aspects of the Topo USA software is the extensive trail network. Robert R – May 26th, You donwload them from DeLorme. Additional software packages are also being developed to help manage caches.

DeLorme Earthmate PN Handheld | eBay

Laurie – March 26th, Ryan, You should call DeLorme with that question. The PN has a deorme setbacks, but after some research, nothing else came close to handling the needs I expected out of a GPSr.

If you are looking for a gps that has auto estimate time of arrival in real time speed the p does not have this feature. I do recall reading on a Delorme Pn forum that zomming out is a good way to extend battery life. There is a user-available embedded memory of MB. I have some new Energizer Lithium not rechargeable batteries, so Felorme decided to see how long they would last, following same protocol described above. I like to use these tracks to geo-reference my photos after syncing the time on my camera.


DeLorme Earthmate PN-40 Handheld

How to account for good voltage readings on the used Lithiums but zero load capacity readings? Some of the Garmin models have bigger screens, but are also more expensive. I currently use a Magellan eXplorist Bill – December 26th, Nobody in the market today comes close to the availability of rich map options in a rock solid handheld GPS.

Robert delotme January 29th, So what types of maps can you get?