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You get the idea. I’ve found that staying with HW that has direct, good, built-in kernel support for anything I want to accomplish is the best solution. In addition, does anybody know if the linux driver would drive the card, if I bought one???? Fastest wifi card for Dell Latitude D Fastest wifi card for Dell Latitude D http: The router would be the 1st place I fixed. Oddly, the 2inch USB sticks get warm, not hot, and seem to last much longer.

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Looks like they really just want folks to disable the internal wifi adapter and use USB adapters. Dell wireless wirelesss Broadcom BCM chip, and 2.

6d10 course, the client-side doesn’t do anything to fix router-side issues. Also, drivers could be slowing my wifi down. Plus not all “N” are the same. If I could find an “N” card for the D, I think it would fix the problem, but I haven’t been able to find one.

Dell Latitude D Wireless Card WM3BABG WLAN g Tested Ships Today | eBay

The part number makes the card appear older than the BCM, so I don’t know what to think. Don’t be afraid of “enterprise” These things are amazing and can have very long range in areas that don’t wire,ess interference. So now I am looking for recommendations on the fastest “G” card for the D I have done this before, but it is a pain.


I don’t know if “dual band” means it runs faster. May 21st, 3. Older routers had performance issues that direless don’t apply to newer routers. Have 3 dead “nubs” here. I’m talking about leaving the “consumer” level, and moving to a cheap, enterprise, WAP from Ubiquiti. It is the connection, not the actual push of data by each device. Does anybody know of faster “BG” cards?????????

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Drivers for Linux almost never come with any hardware. My current cards for the two computers wirelss 1. Also, I’d avoid the “nub” wifi USB adapters. You’ll need to systematically address each point to get the best possible performance.

You’d want to be specific about which CPU the chromebook has some of them suck! May 19th, 1. Half for every device added to the wifi-network. You get the idea.

I guess one possibility would be to run Windows drivers under ndiswrapper. Turns out “N” can be 75Mbps – Mbps There are many different areas where wifi fails.


Dell Latitude D610 Wireless Card WM3B2915ABG WLAN 802.11g Tested Ships Today

I will look into some of your recommendations. For the price of fixing these things, you could get a new-to-you laptop that is x faster. May 21st, 2. The issue might not be with the old D at all. Fastest wifi card for Dell Latitude D Results 1 to 3 of 3. I’ve found that staying with HW that has direct, good, built-in kernel support for anything I want to accomplish is the best solution.