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When you near the end of the rail bunny hop and tap the alarm. You should see a dirt slope leading up to the roof. The trampoline near the train will push you to the left, so you “NEED” to land on the right side of it to clear the train and grind the line on the opposite side. Jump over 4 golf carts – Not hard, but can be tricky at first. Use a charged jump to clear it and ride off. A bit trickier, but not that much harder. This is handy if you went for that big trick and then realized you don’t have enough air to complete it.

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With a moderate amount of speed pedal toward the hill and press the jump button about halfway up it, then let go of it and try to land in the opposite green area. Forgot your username or password? On the opposite side of the pool is demix lawnmower. Cool to watch and has a small explanation in it for the bloodstain on the floor of Woodward – Lot 8.

Two doors are on each of the end buildings. Get some speed and ride onto either ramp and jump over to the other ramp. Just jump over it exactly like you just did on the creek gap. On trucl next roof look slightly right and you will see a wire connected to the roof peak going down at an angle. Score over 35, points in a run – The pools, half-pipe, and mini half-pipe Back left of level from start are the best places to get tripke points. A mode where the player can freely ride any level that has been unlocked in the Proquest mode.


Score between 85, and, points. Press and hold the Jump Button for more height and when you are near the log re,ix go of it and clear the log.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix

Thanks to everyone in advance for their assistance in making this FAQ better and I hope it is a help to all who read it. End Run Section 3 Legend: What are “G Turns”?

Are they being primed for X-Box or GameCube action? Easiest to me is to drop in from the start fast and go angled up the opposite transition, then tripld off toward the stone tower to the right. The player has the same timed runs as in the Proquest mode, but there are no goals to complete, judges to impress or new items re,ix gain. Any unlocked levels can be played here. Pull a over each jump in the six pack – Do this in the exact same way you did the 1st Amateur Objective, but hold a air out over the jump.

You can also do this from the other roof as well. Clear each jump in the six pack – The maxjmum of 6 hills right in front of you at the start is maxmium “Six Pack”. Start on one of the buildings and grind 2 sections of the rail, then drop off. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. The winner is the one with the highest total score at the end of 5 rounds.


Utilize different areas of the course. It’s not hard, but you do have to get the timing. Now you just have to grind them all in the same session.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix | Video Game Soundtracks Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Shaun Butler – Night Vision Mode Everything is shown in a cool green color like a pair of night vision goggles. Grind the green lawnmower – From the start ride toward the half pipe and go inbetween it and the far left pool. Now ride to the bowl.

Go over the 1st hill and turn around facing the bridge. Pedal as fast as you can down the beginning slope and press the X-Button at the beginning of the opposite side transition. To your left you will see 2 slopes madimum have trampolines attached to them.

Not very hard, but you have to figure out the timing. Get some speed and ride up the slow ramps while you are charging your jump and jump up to the rails and hit grind.