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How do I compile xine? Having a problem logging in? The newer real audio and video formats are only supported by using binary-only codecs which are not included in xine. The encoding of the external subtitles is expected to be iso by default. When I play this stream, xine shows video but there’s no audio!

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Some plugins that come with the xine engine need additional libraries otherwise they will not be built.

xine(1) – Linux man page

Occasional messages of “fixing sound card drift” may happen on start and when playing a long stream like a movie. If you see a still frame on startup. Confgiure find details about that in the linux dvd howto. Well, first is there supposed to be a menu?

Xine – LinuxTVWiki

How to compile xine for Windows? You need to set an appropriate encoding in the config option subtitles. On some linux distributions there are similar tools. Then xine will use OSS audio output. I have installed xine-lib but the frontend complains about not finding it! The option probebuffer does not ask the driver directly but tries to determine the buffer length from outside.


the xine project – FAQ list

You have a VideoCD with menu and can see it, but there is no menu on startup? To facilitate tracking down problems we let you see what’s going on dynamically.

The xine engine is a free media player engine.

Luckily, if you are using a x86 compatible machine any recent PC hardware should do you can install and use the original Quicktime DLLs and watch seup streams trailers that can be downloaded from the net.

Try upgrading your copy and read the section about unscaled osd.

The options getodelay and getoptr ask the driver and might therefore show the problem. Download and install xine-lib xine-lib is the xine core engine. The driver package contains documentation on how to install it. Xihe the volume with the GUI control has no effect! You just need to run something like:. However, if that doesn’t work try pressing “a” to manually change the aspect ratio. Something plays now, but you do not get any menus? More lower-level information is given in the next section.

This will allow blending the subtitles over the black bars, since they will be part of the video now.


Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. If your frontend does not have such a compression slider, you can pass the value with the MRL:.

After modifying the emu10k1. There are currently three frontends being developed in the xine project: The xine project itself does not provide any pre-compiled binary packages. When you decided to dig out the url by hand don’t get fooled by the many redirectors sdtup are often placed around the actual url. Enable MTRR support in your kernel. If Xv cannot confiure used for some reason, make sure your display is set up to 16bpp, not 24 or higher reduces memory bandwith.

Please note that even if you’re using ide-scsi you will have to set the dma flag on the ide device node e. A few things you should check in order of importance:. CPP to specify the C preprocessor executable. If you see something playing then this is a hardware problem.