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I determined that the power supply type and quality has a minor effect on sound quality. This was a surprise and also a bit difficult to accept, given my strong historical bias. In particular a single ended, no feedback amp delivers midrange that cannot be attained by any solid state amp. Buyer pays actual packing for the drivers and shipping costs. Here we see a close-up of the low-frequency driver. In addition after hearing first hand the detrimental effect of crossover components I determined to implement a line level, bi-amped strategy.

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Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. It is interesting that the system sounded as good as it did – certainly better than dx but one or two systems at HE a few miles away – being as it was kind of heavily weighted in terms of quality on the speaker side. These are, according to many horn experts, the best midrange compression drivers ever built by ma We know of other systems that are heavily weighted on the source side – one example is the Continuum room at HE this year.

I can hear cleanly to 18 Khz but find nothing at all missing via these horns. The Iconic was introduced in ; the one in the photograph was built about The throat of the upper horn. The Cogent horn loudspeakers in several shots that show off the art of the speaker designer.


Now a few pictures of de modest system we used for the demo. Amplification I am a major proponent of vacuum tube amplification, hence the name of the web-page. The prototype loudspeaker enclosure itself, one of many Cogent has used over the years, is only a means to and end, and not the end-product itself.

Cogent makes a bass driver for use in a bass horn extending down to perhaps 60Hz; and a high-frequency driver for use in a midrange horn extending from Hz to above 10kHz. For the lower frequencies a 10 foot J horn with an exponential flair is used. I think one of the original motivating factors for the Cogent design was that P.

Here you dw the heavily damped room in which the system is set up.

The difference is that this was—in the best sense— more indescribable. The timber and dynamics were most appealing. This is not where tubes do well. This is one of the original horns used for the Cogent True-to-life loudspeaker, as the team experiments with what sounds best. The diaphragm was phenolic this cobent important. Part One of Three A dyslexic man walks into a bra … or how I got sucked into another speaker building adventure with my friend, Pete.

The horns and subwoofer unit are using the same physical enclosures as that seen at CES in Las Vegas. Introduction by Pete Riggle: For someone who wants to go all-out, these are the ticket.

I have for sale a pair of the fabulous, world-class Cogent DS field coil compression drivers.


Cogent DS Field Coil Driver and Rosewood Horn | Monitors | Audiogon

These horns were built by Cogent’s horn-maker and are, I was told by Cogent, what they currently use. We sought out another crime to commit. Like the bass driver, this driver also requires both a signal, just like ordinary cone drivers, and an additional power source to energize the electromagnet, unlike ordinary cone drivers that use a large magnet. After two years of self flagellation with these wonderful speakers, we got them finely dialed in and subsequently became 4128.

Cogent DS-1428 Field Coil Driver and Rosewood Horn [Expired]

The B-based monoblock tube amplifiers. Sorry, this listing has ended.

Cogeent may like one of these similar items: This section looks at the three primary parts that go into constructing the Cogent True-to-life compression field coil drivers.

I found that the midrange drivers sounded best with current regulation and the bass drivers did best with voltage regulation. The loudspeaker enclosure, and its compression drivers, are a work-in-progress as the try to extend the frequencies covered both up towards 20K Cobent and down as low as possible.

For sub-woofers a solid state amplifier is a strong preference.