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That was fair enough. I’ll give you a perfect example. It is basic economics to us. Goldstein shows our revenue will be much lower if a new pay television services were to be licensed and it also shows that the revenues for each of the applicants than they have projected. I think that part of it is their programming needs, what they are looking for. We found that one to be pretty confusing.

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That counts for a lot, I think. Yes, I guess so. They could not explain how their multiplex would be themed or structured. Cassaday to introduce his colleagues, and then you will have 20 minutes for your presentation.

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The public interventions of the production community were marked by cautions about the potential impacts. If you will just bear with me for five minutes. The pie will increase and with it, at a 32 per cent Canadian content expenditure level, this will result in hundreds of millions of dollars more. Again, I am trying to test your 6 per cent number here.

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InI didn’t talk much to my friends, just occasional quick phone calls. I think it’s just the difference. The applicant significantly overestimated the potential market for its service based on statistically improbably assumptions with respect to the growth of Canadian television households. In the current system we have virtually no leverage if there is only one game in town. First, I would like to make sure I understood Mr.

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I will give you a couple of minutes to find it there. I think what we would put on the record though is that the percentage, the penetration of pay against the digital base is declining.

Prupas, very nice to see that there is life after Heenan Blaikie and that you continue to work in the domain that you care about very much. Our ability to contribute to Canadian programming will be impaired and we also risk disillusioning Canadian consumers and turning them away from pay TV, a likely scenario with the rapidly increasing number of competitive alternatives for watching movies. We will see it again. If I now go to Table 1 in what was filed yesterday, you will see that they say that in year seven they haveaeapter.

The consumer has benefitted because they have received free DVD freebies, so already we are seeing a rattling. Well, I would say this. We have that deal.

We buy explicitly exhibition rights for films on the channel. Okay, I will address the first one.

We have 8380 that programming. The man to the left of me has lived that, and perhaps he might best be able to describe the circumstances that would happen in the future and have happened in the past.


The wholesale rate for The Movie Network is at about the same point it was 20 years ago. Chair, Members of the Commission. Let’s go back to the creating a baseline projection section, page Having said that, the applicants are still struggling to define their programming, to the point that we have not yet seen a basic programming grid from any of them.


So do you tell the studio “Well, we can’t take any more of your product because we have hit our quota. Adalter applicants appear to be proposing services that will result in duplication or splitting of programming that is already here. I guess your investments or funding of the Canadian programming would include equity investments? I’m saying trying to provide additional Canadian content to grow the pay TV subscriber market.

The fact is they had to merge in order to solve the situation. That is the empirical aadpter.