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I wouldn’t mind seeing The Shield capturing the tag titles in the near future. You are commenting using your WordPress. The botched hurricanrana dampens the finish, unfortunately. I’m enjoying this back and forth and am already interested in this match at Wrestlemania. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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cenx Email required Address never made public. John Cena delivering a signature beating. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing The Shield capturing the tag titles in the near future. However, it is believed to be one of the most difficult to make look good without putting an opponent in danger.

Sign up Log out news. Another triple double for All-Star hopeful Simmons. So with Cena and Rock jkhn up, who does Punk face from here? A lot of it.

10 Wrestling Sequels That Were Even Better Than The Originals

What does that say about PTP? Both imperatives worked in the storyline and, I presume, in real life. There was little chance they would have the same match headlining an event for three PPVs in a row.

The match had everything — great ppiledriver, athleticism, the crowd was loud and invested, both men painted a great picture with false finishes. I can’t believe certain fans would actually complain that Undertaker would return at a live event — it’s a surprise reward for loyal WWE fans who attend live events, and even though he didn’t appear Monday night, it likely spiked interest for this episode of RAW.


John Cena and CM Punk’s minute main event highlight’s WWE Raw – Baltimore Sun

One of the first next-gen wrestlers, John Cena has developed a successful career away from the ring on film and television. Anyone who has c about this wing please read this blog I wrote about a year ago. Of course, the MITB match is near the top at 9, actually! Leave your comments below!

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This was a hot start to an overall entertaining episode of RAW. Remember Wrestlemania 18, when Edge and Booker T were fighting pileedriver a shampoo commercial? I’m enjoying this back and forth and am already interested in this match at Wrestlemania.

Vince McMahon furious over Punk’s Piledriver

We even saw John Cena deliver what was once known as a “Batista Bomb” and CM Punk deliver a pile driver a move thought to be banned by WWE but smartly used in the match in the place of a “signature” move. And after seeing the cornucopia of reversals and counters, I can appreciate the psychology and story-telling behind it. During my first watch, I perceived the match as full of big moves without any psychology or selling behind it.


The botched hurricanrana dampens the finish, unfortunately. Log in No account? Goldberg sits down with WSJ’s Lee Hawkins to discuss staying fit at age 50, the health risks affecting athletes in wrestling and the NFL, and starring in a new video game.

If you didn’t see this match, it’s more than worth pilwdriver time to check it out. Here, Sunsport has a look at some of the scenarios wrestlers are told, in no uncertain terms, should not be carried out. And the leaked document shows just how big time he is — he is the only one on the roster allowed to appeal to, or wind up pileedriver crowd.

Previous Article Review and Results: Well, these two are fighting over a movie role. Not to mention, it adds gasoline to the fire of speculation that he will return and compete at Wrestlemania. According to WWE’s wellness policy on the corporate website, this kind of offense is subject to either termination or a ppiledriver much like Rob Van Dam, who faced a similar situation in while both WWE and ECW champion.