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I don’t know the digital model you are citing well enough to comment on it specifically, but it is true that many digitals will produce only a small range of difference in sound volume even while the player is applying a great range of leverage in attacking the keys. First, piano teachers–without ever having played one–are notorious for hating digital pianos, even though we are well into the digital piano age. Some Starr company history by edferris. Compare the CLP to the CLP and youll find a big differance in sound quality, the amplication is twice the power, giving a richer deeper sound. I spent a year doing lessons on the digital.

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The betterv you get the more you want to play.

Sadly, though, there are people who may read this nonsense and think lcp-240 has some validity. She is weak in strength, but this might not be the reason.

My experience with YAMAHA CLP – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

You are doing something else. And now she said there is no big difference of K-3 to those real pianos she played including a Steinway concert piano Comparing those two pianos, 1. That would be because her accustomed touch brings too much leverage to a light action. Teachers will hound claviinova discriminate against students who have digitals and constantly pressure them to get a “real” piano and it’s not unheard of for teachers to get cl-p240 commission on every student they steer to an acoustic piano dealer.


Yamaha Introduces The Clavinova CLP-240 In Polished Ebony

Write a user review Ask for a user review. On acoustic pianos although she said the keyboard feel much lighter, but the sound she made for forte cavinova no difference than pianissimo unless she really put in more force into it — An then can not play in the same way as she practice.

The pedal is particularly good but limited for training and rehearsals for there also we find not necessarily the same feeling with a piano. Acoustic Electronic Snare Drums.

The effects are nice but nothing extraodinaire, they can be combined to a number of clxvinova wider. The piano teacher is not against digital piano, actually she said for those experienced player that has developed all the right skills, she feels that there is no major difference, but for beginner, when they haven’t developed proper way to hitting the keyboard, Digital piano will have problem.

It has more dynamic range than CLK, To get the same change of level, CLK must be in its full volumn and then forte became a problem on real piano.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP 240 230

Indeed, the difference between acoustic piano and digital piano and clavinoba particularly evident between the headphone output and keyboard. The latter would be skill. Ideal for people living in an apartment or place a little smaller than a house free sound level, but I would advise to replace your acoustic piano if you can afford to keep it.


Yamaha JBL Line 6. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. There may be several things going on here. To suggest that there is something wrong with stressing dynamics, tone, nuance, feeling, pedaling Getting new customers and keeping existing customers are equally important to us. Portable Stage Home Rhythm Beginners.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Free with your new Yamaha digital Piano. This is what makes an acoustic instrument special. Cases Pedals Other Stands Benches. Our Music Shop is on the outskirts of Preston with forecourt parking for 8 cars. That will make her have to push the keys a little harder jon the digital which should make playing the acoustic easier when it is time. Will Johnny Come Marching Home? Forte is as much a matter of developing strength as it is of controlling strength and leverage.

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