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Cradle-type Battery Charger This is the Cradle-type Battery Charger on which the terminal is mounted for charging the installed battery pack. As soon as pressing Send Start button, a progress window appears flowed by the screen below. Decode Deliberation This field is to specify decode deliberation mode by selecting one in the modes listed below. Tap and Hold By tapping and holding onto a specific object on the screen, the related pop-up menu will appear. This is the default mode and usual method for optimum handwriting recognition.

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The imager is explained by focusing on the following three points: DHCP enabled Set as it is. Note that this chapter contains only supplement information for the imager, so please refer to Common Device Control Library manual or relevant chapters in this manual for detailed information about each function.

Do not overlap film, etc. Data in the FROM will be maintained.

Sensitivity and noise Due to the nature of CMOS sensor, it has poor sensitivity and the image is easily affected by noise.

Yes – Timeout time has elapsed after scanning a bar code. The control panel can be used to set up the sound to mute, low or loud. To output them to the headphones, instead of the buzzer sound, use PlaySound API function which uses the audio driver. Do not print extra characters or figures around the symbol. Specify secondary WINS server address.


The application should use the method described above to switch over. Closing the Bluetooth Closes the communication via Bluetooth either by ending use of the Bluetooth caslo or by executing relative functions of the Common Device Control Library for closing the communication, and then turns off the power to the integrated Bluetooth module.

Erratic Scanning Avoidance function This function fetches the bar code quality rank by calculating the decoder easiness when scanning a bar code.

Perform a reset on the terminal to make the changes in the registry effect in the actual operations. A dvanced Button U U This button displays the popup filter screen to set up advanced settings of the popup block.

Casio DT-X10

It is not regarded as a comment if it locates in the middle of a line. Press the trigger key to start scanning, and scanning will continue as long as the trigger key is pressed down. Built in Bluetooth Ver 1. However, this method does not accurately decode a bar code if it is formed with unbalanced bar thickness between white bars and black bars.

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The peripheral devices will run while the CPU is in the idle state. The battery pack has been fully charged or has a sufficient capacity. To avoid this difficulty, the disk is automatically formatted if it cannot be recognized at time of resetting. There’s more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets the eye. Cyber Monday edition Which iPad you should buy: Goes to a next screen. Changes the display to a page listed in the history.


Casio DT-X10 M30U – handheld – Windows CE .NET – ” Overview – CNET

Output These two radio buttons are to specify an output method for decoded bar code data selecting either one of the buttons. Searches for Access-Points that can be communicated with the terminal, and lists up radio wave status of each Access-Point. In Bluetooth serial communication, this is used for acceptance of connection request from other Bluetooth equipment.

Touch Panel Calibration Calibration on the touch panel can be initiated either using the Welcome wizard appeared after full reset or by pressing simultaneously Czsio and 4 keys.

Casio DT-X10 RFSTD – handheld – Windows CE .NET – 3.5″

The following are the log file names. The readability becomes less than the original. For daisy chain connection.