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I didn’t take it back because a I’ve lost the receipt and b with hindsight I was pushing it way too hard: If it is a choice between having and not having, then there are certain types of tool that will do a job that is worthwhile and save time. I don’t subscribe to the notion that because something is for DIY purposes that it has to be cheap. I have an 18 volt power tool battery but no charger for it. Having said all of that, I am not against the notion of buying store brand tools, per sec. This is the type I got as it needed NiCd:

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Thanks to all for the advice.

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Words such as “barge pole” existed in my recommendation to others. David Micklem Contact options for registered users.

Message 2 of I agree you cprdless what you pay for. Pete C Contact options for registered users. Message 3 of Easily the most awful router I’ve tried to use.

Message 1 of A keen eye is kept of turnover per square metre in retail operations of this type. Message 8 of ALL out of stock Save Edits Use Original Image.



All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. The cost of decent c type rechargeable batteries might be high though. It’s been excellent and holds a good charge for absolutely ages. I am just green enough to feel really bad about it end up in landfill so soon. Now why didn’t I do THAT earlier – very useful even if it doesn’t have the super-perfectly-flat-and-a-million-features of a commercial cordlesss.

That PowerPro router appears to have been a rebadged Rolson, which is a chinese or indian import. PoP Contact options for registered users. However, no service operation is provided.

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Message 13 of John Rumm Contact options for registered users. Not exactly easy to alter the plunge depth, but not too bad. While part of the purpose of DIY is to save money relative to using a professional, I think that the other aspects are to get a job done when and as I want to do it and to achieve a result equally as good, if not better.

The nearest charger I have, from another power tool, outputs 15 volts 2.

Keep me logged in. However, it is the first router I’ve ever owned, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I am a bit gutted about my Homebase SDS: Having looked at the cost of those batteries.


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Quote Max drilling capacity: Argos do power tools that are fine for light diy use, you can extend the g’tee to three years for a fiver. I think there may have been a couple more points which I can’t remember now. frill

I didn’t take it back because a I’ve lost the receipt and b with hindsight I was pushing it way too hard: Of course, one might be lucky and with occasional use a tool might last longer than the warranty period, but it would be prudent to budget replacement at the end of the warranty period. I’ll look up the supplier shortly