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Help keep the forums up and running with a donation , any amount is appreciated! Can anybody recommend a product? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Under Windows this can normally be found under C: Does anyone have a bit of insight here on available, current devices and the ASIO quality?

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The solution is to buy from a retailer who lets lwtency return your buy for another, similarly-priced unit which should work – 99 out of a hundred times.

Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface

RME interfaces are great, but just too expensive. Make sure you get all the features you require. Reviews on sites like Amazon and such are full of posts by total lwo who don’t have a clue about setting up the equipment. Also looking at Presonus now West Midlands, UK Status: Thanks for the feedback. Most sample libraries are recorded in Sadly, many reiews only deal with Audioquality and Features, asi one does any tests of the ASIO drive if there even is any.

I’m currently using an Apogee Duet on Mac. Please Pass It On! That’s what you pay for.

I couldn’t find any. But I use my computer for listening classical music.


The BEST ASIO drivers – ASIO2KS (forget ) | NI Community Forum

So perhaps firewire, or else internal. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, I am now the happy owner of an RME pci card, and the latency is about as low as it could get I’d guess.

It enables audio hardware manufacturers to write optimized drivers for their hardware that bypass the potentially high latency operating system mechanism for supporting audio hardware. Of course, it is a problem if you are listening to yourself playing through the computer in real time. Thanks for the clarification. Firewire is fading fast and thunderbolt is still wait and see and Mac drivers. But at least it has very good drivers lower latency than aeio RME Babyface actually, judging from the Benchmark you posted.

Both the conversions from analog to digital and back to analog are included. I’d rather have an external interface so I can use it with my laptop too.

It’s just that I want lower latency for midi keyboard recording with sample libraries.

Lqtency agree with Jim too. The biggest issue I have right now is obviously long term support. Ironic they are calling their new product a “Duet” since their previous one was a “Duetta” speakers, that is. Seems like the Esi Juli was the way to go, eventhough more expensive than I hoped and internal only.


Under 4ms achievable, which competes with PCIe cards, but uses a bit to a lot more cpu for high track counts and the 2ms difference is neither here nor there in the real world.

Thanks for your help. I want something that is professional quality and will continue to have good support for many years to come. Of course with MIDI, you can change the notes, timing, and instrument later during editing. It might even swing you towards a UFX for your larger needs. Roland burned us all pretty bad in this respect and I won’t take part in that again.

I’m less concerned about da conversion. One good thing is that TASCAM never known for great drivers hired their own driver writers and their drivers work across the range of their newer products.