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I purposely entered into a contract for the turbo stick so that I could use it at the cottage and in the city but most of the time it either does not connect or the signal and speed are so weak and slow that I feel like I’m using dial up. Bell Techs lie, the bell mobility store staff is useless. Very disappointed with the Novatel U and Bell for suggesting such a useless piece of equipment. Give back my P! I am in for any group action to be taken against Bell.

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I’m still soooo frustrated with Bell customer service. Bel information on Bell’s products and services, please visit www. Tell me to call a number during business hours.!

The previous stick worked fine with this router. I am done being used and I would love some emails to back me up I hardly used the thing mostly because when I went to Sherston Park it would not pick up the signal all novattel.

Should have stayed with the older version as it worked fine. Using the stick with a MacBook Pro.

Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick Reviews

Just came back from Bell store. They say they cannot take it back because I have more then 50Mg of data downloaded, Mb to be exact, well the dam upgarde is 45 Mb by itself, so plus the surfing to the page voila!! I just wanted to post a sequal so you know what to do.


This amounts to fraud as far as im concerned. U Nightmare continues Reviewed on Wednesday March 2, by davidtoronto.

Reviewed on Monday March 14, by LeeBarrie. I bought a new laptop and decided to upgrade to this U Bell Canada enhances mobile data network access speeds. When my contract is up I will be going ‘office space’ on my U and it will be smashed or melted It is sad how Canadians get treated with all the tax money that has gone into the high tech industry. They informed us that it could be sent out for repair at our expense and we could have a loaner – again at our expense.

I would ask for your support to start a Class Action Lawsuit. Now there are other choices so Onvatel will pay the price to get out. Was told I had to go to a Bell store to reactivate.

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All are geared to help the companies steal from us! I was lucky that i got a good tech. I would recommend a Tubo Hub for those who have multiple novatsl or require more Gbit capacity.

Using this is slower then my dial-up was. When I have tried to point out how ridiculous this sounds, all I get is wirreless that is their policy.

Friends and family in Europe laugh at the rough deal we get in Canada as far as internet connection goes.

Bell launches exclusive Novatel Wireless U USB modem

They send me new stick with same problem, disconnection every min, reccommended to change Sim card,now when stick still does not work they told me it is problem with my computer.


I told Bell I didn’t want to pay for the months since August my U stopped working. There is a repected Laywer in Newfoundland who has successfully settle a class action lawsuit with Eastern Heath and I feel confident that he may be very interested in this kind of suit that highlights Corporate Greed.

Then I called the number, got a live person to help, and was told to just go into the store and get an updated sim, wireles expired. Used it twice and used up more than bbell mB with repeated attempts to reconnect.

I have had the internet stick for about 11 months and have had problems from day one. I will not continue to pay for a service that I am not receiving and thus I will stop paying for the remaining 10 month on my turbo stick contract. We were on dialup before, live in a rural area so thought this stick would be great, at first I couldn’t connect then my son wirelexs help from Bell told me to hang the stick in the window, it has worked great ever wireles.