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Syntax error in file: We post notices of new releases and important bug fixes first there. This is the first time I have tried a version update, but I did test the update in the past and it seemed to work fine. Turn off the scriptcase service. Click on the salvar button it means save. Help Contact Us Go to top. It also contains the following standalone extensions:.

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Answer user questions in the issue tracker.

Snort: Error: Snort BASE install Redhat

Read – What’s the point of that. We post notices of new releases and important bug fixes first there.

You are welcome to contribute to the project and help the Open Source community: Display mode Display replies flat, with oldest first Display replies flat, with newest first Display replies in threaded form Display replies in nested form.

Unable to load database driver”, help please! We have put together a short list of some current projects. The ADOdb user base is large, with an average of downloads a week. Nice this was closed with no explanation would of sure been helpful now I followed these steps, using a different path to the. Provide a code snippet, and if datagase a description of what you are expecting to receive from a aonewconnection.


User Tools Log In. Permalink Show parent Reply. Use latest version of Firefox or Chrome for development browser. Maybe someone need it.

Unable to load database driver ”. Turn off unsble scriptcase service. Cannot login odd errors, new 1. Use a browser and go to your scriptcase url but with somewhat different url, in my case https: Unable to load adnewconnection driver. Last edited by rr ; Actually it is the permission problem I guess.

A Session Management library that extends the normal PHP functionality to allow storing of session management data in a database, or in encrypted values. Latest version of Scriptcase updated regularly.

Moodle in English

It is still not getting works. Script case is supposed to be easy for multi-developer use. The full error is: Just want to sharing this with this community. Installing and upgrading help Install Error: Could someone have this experience help me please.

Current Production Release Latest Documentation.



Submit your bug fixes, enhancements or new features via GitHub pull requests. Try running the code with Debug Mode enabled. We have limited resources, and unfortunately can’t afford to bse the older versions in parallel with the current stable releases and the development track.

It has recently been converted from old html files, and may contain numerous errors.

Search in titles only Search in Bugs only Search. Full Changelog Note that 5.