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Following the lead of other touch-screen smartphones like the Samsung Omnia and the HTC Touch , the LG Incite’s design is dominated by the large touch screen on the front. About this product Product Information The LG Incite is a full touch screen Windows Mobile smartphone that achieves its reflective beauty through minimalistic design. I can last the whole day without problems, and I use it a lot so if you’re likely to leave it on standby for a good majority of the day, it could probably last a long time. Despite LG’s long history in the U. Along the bottom are shortcuts to the dialpad, the address book, a new text message, a subdirectory of favorite applications, and the main menu. I’ve had this phone for a couple of weeks now, and am very impressed with it.

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Most relevant reviews See all reviews. The Incite does have autocorrect features, so it wasn’t too bad if we made a few mistakes.

LG Incite CT810 – Black (AT&T) Smartphone

Since the touch screen at& resistiveyou can use either your finger or the provided stylus to navigate through the screen. For that, you can rotate the phone 90 degrees either to the left or the right, and the screen will automatically shift from portrait to landscape mode.

It was laggy and locked up more than I would have liked. You will definitely have a tough time trying to get fingerprint smudges off the phone, and there’s no need for a self-portrait mirror next to the camera, as the handset’s surface itself can act as a mirror. Battery life is quite good.


LG Incite (At&t)

You’ll be disappointed if you purchase this phone. Also, it’s phone interface inctie a like 1 centimeter tall area for contacts so you have to actually open the contact interface to get people.

The phone, compared to the metal LG Shine, is very light and slightly flimsy in feeling. Continue to next page 01 Bear in mind that you can’t drag and drop the icons around like you can with the Samsung Omnia or the L Dare.

LG CT Incite – Full phone specifications

Invite to main content. We’ve changed, we promise. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The phone, multimedia, and productivity applications are separated via tabs on the right side. Along the bottom are shortcuts to the dialpad, the address book, a new text message, a subdirectory of favorite applications, and the main menu. It doesn’t have the screen real estate of other handsets like ay&t Samsung Instinct or the Apple iPhone 3G incire, but that’s only really an issue when it comes to the Web browser which we’ll get to later.

We also like that the Incite automatically adjusts the screen’s luminance depending on the surrounding light. Call clarity is very good and the contacts views are great. Compare These Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I love this phone it served the purpose that i needed it for so im very ple.


This item doesn’t belong on this page. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for I decided on the LG Incite.

We like the size of the virtual keys; they’re big and easy to read. The LG Incite has a really reflective surface. I wanted something relatively cheap yet feature-filled. We also like the responsiveness of the virtual keyboard, but bear in mind our caveat earlier about having to use precise taps. It’s been doing what I want it to do and many third-party solutions can solve most of the problems I’ve listed.

Additional Product Features Family Line. The Bottom Line Though we weren’t pleased with LG Incite’s design quirks, we think that ah&t, it’s a very good first entry in the U. BUT if you search in the web, exist a lot of resources for “Mod” the phone and take advantage of all the inccite from this machine, for example: But I’ve never had it last longer than 1 day.

The 3G data can’t be turned off easily or at all, without third-party applications and the default applications for connections are not combined at all so you have to use many different applications to change the connection settings.

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