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Just to note, all calibrations and primary measurements done with a Spyder 3. Right-click on the link, select Save As, and save it in your plugins directory in your World Wind folder as a. Your screenshot is of Potplayer’s options, yes? Here’s a image that shows what I mean: Windows 8 Professional 64 bit.

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Anaglyph images/movies on a LCD TV [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

Probably have to reinstall the OS, etc. The time now is The poster in the other forum was using Potplayer and ato the video displayed darker on his monitor when compared to MPC-HC which relates to one of the reasons I asked if 2D video looks okay on your TV.

There are a number of other 3d depth relief methods with very simple glasses and code, I would suggest also creating a plugin or viseo that handles spectral depth with both a linear and scaled model; there are glasses available for all types including the viedo and interlace types as demos from www. AVISynth is a frame server. Mar 29, Why do you have the dual agi going to the avr and the tv? I tried to use FlipVertical but then I got the speed problem again, audio out of sync and some pixelation.


Anyway video does not open nor error is shown It seems it went trough the entire file – 25GB and it took about 12 minutes and then it said that it was unable to connect to video pin and “can not render this file”.

Anaglyph 3D On A 2D Projector

Asmodian is probably vldeo the right track though. Obviously the anaglyph 3D won’t be as good as the “actual” 3D with shutter glasses, but it’d be nice to, once in a while, watch some of the movies on a bigger screen with the anaglyph.

No error, it just disappears. Though you might be able to use twriteavi.

Seems to work BUT the picture is upside down now! By yoda in forum Video Conversion.

To actually get a FILE out of it, you need to serve it to an encoder or filesink. My TV has all the image enhancements options disabled, and the video card too. vixeo


It’s not so much the colors though it’s more the contrast. I guess after all that the simple question would be does video look the same on your TV if you use a different playback device to play it It seems so far the system has to be detected as a display and thus extended mode. Does that mean re-encoding?

Original works well with ATI Vido over here. That said you also need to convert the video itself to those ranges. Some renderers expand TV levels to PC levels automatically, and in the case of the OPs problem in the other forum, there seemed to be something unexpected when videl Potplayer which gave a “double expansion” making the video look too dark on his PC monitor, while it didn’t happen when using the same renderer and MPC-HC.


Last update was at Mar On my main monitor this clip http: I did get it working last night finally but it was strange in the how but I guess that’s HDMI for ya! In my case I leave everything on TV levels except the output to the monitor, I set the video card to anablyph PC levels to it and that works fine.

Instead of using DirectShowSource you can try installing the ffmpegsource plugin and using ffmpegsource2. Ok i gave it more time.

I will try to use madVR. Primaries do not change much by changing settings edit: This has been discussed before recently. Also try normal or warm for white color or whatever they call it on your TV.