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A Strategic Transformation IBM is currently leading its networked enterprise through a major transformation. Red Hat is not responsible for content. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Makings of a Master Instructional Designer. Blended Learning Certificate Learn best practices for selecting and using the appropriate mix of innovative learning technologies to design effective blended solutions. You may be able to find a driver through the Android Document website , which contains a list of links to software for many original equipment manufacturers OEMs.

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For comments or queries, please contact us. The next step in the installation is to extract the artifacts to an appropriate location on your filesystem. Currently, Android is designed to target Java version 1.

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This is the location where your project-specific assets source code, images, build scripts, and so on will be stored. Issues may arise as newer models are released. Eclipse will start, and prompt you to enter the location of negbook workspace. You can verify that your path is set correctly by opening a new terminal window and typing android at the command prompt.

The main way you will access the tools is through Eclipse, but you can also access them from the command line. The complete foundational program for designing outcome-based training. The use of different design models and the neetbook process.


It may be a destination for some or a stepping stone to the CPLP for others. Jetbook a Physical Device for Development. This is useful for scripting or automation.

Do Goals Matter in Training? Make sure your computer meets minimum requirements.

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July Letter to the Community: If you don’t agree with the terms, click here to sign out. Learn how to create effective e-learning that includes text captions, images, screen characters, quizzes, buttons, hotspots, and more.

If you do have a preference for other development tools, you most likely will be able to use them for your Android projects. Instructions about how to do this can be found on the help pages of each operating system, or in this article, which contains a great overview of how to set and use PATH and other environment variables.

Congrats, your installation was successful. If you download a version newer than this which is likelyyou will need to set entbook Java Compiler level to be compliant with 1.

It makes installation easy. Here are some suggestions: In Eclipse, a Java Compiler option in the properties of your Android project allows you to set this.

Android Developer Tools Essentials by Mike Wolfson

For instance, on Ubuntu or Debian, use the following command:. Installing the ADT Bundle. Video players also need to be changed to ALSA in audio properties.


Designing Visuals for Learning Certificate Get step-by-step instructions and hands-on experience to discover, build, and deliver dynamic PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and other visual support aids in this interactive course. In this course, you’ll learn how to prove your design capacity, elevate netbool impact of your e-learning solutions, and create performance-changing learning.

This will ensure that you are able to get the latest updates and are using the most stable tool. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

However, it is currently a very early release, so it is not ready for production usage. The simplest way to test your applications is often by using an Android device.

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