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Fix concurrent access to serial console when running in PDC mode. Remove the temperory code which not support devicetree. Using ISI with Linux4sam 6. For reading you have to do buffer management manually, for example, to read into the primary buffer: Here is a little summary of the main enhancements: Perhaps a tip wrt the Atmel “GCC” code examples. Ensure the PDC is disabled in shutdown.

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ZIP files as well. GPIO buttons can be used as wakeup source. Fixed filename in comment.

Create free account Forgot password? Set the ‘clocked’ variable when resuming. Removed most of the static memory mappings.

Using SPI with Linux

Support for GPIO-connected buttons. Unless you have the need to change the standard settings, you can skip this chapter Configuring the Kernel Activate the driver in menuconfig make menuconfig: All Linux kernel versions, including latest snapshot or “release candidate” -rc can be easily found here. Are there additional software packages available for the ipCore basic firmware? Card detect support and other features [David Brownell] CF: Enable chip-select only when necessary.


Protecting the IoT with Invisible Keys. I2S driver pinctrl driver: Use of the tick-less system configuration by default Kernel configuration: Don’t assert pullup immediately at bootup, but wait for Gadget driver to start.


Fix concurrent access to serial console when running in PDC mode. Handle active-high LEDs correctly. Here is a little summary of the main enhancements: Build the Linux kernel image, before you build you need set up the cross compile toolchain, check this section.

Contrast controls the backlight.

Llnux updated to 2. Pin initialization for LEDs moved out of driver and into platform initialization file. If you need an uImage you can run this additional step: When using pointers it is Space before star.

It will save you a lot of bandwidth and download time: Add support for the DM ethernet. Clear IRQ status before enabling interrupts. Add ability to specify partitions on kernel command-line. Old branch don’t at91saam9 for new developments.


Using SPI with Linux |

spo Use of the High resolution timers option by default Kernel configuration: Now the boot process has to deal with two Linux files instead of one: Use correct GPIO pins the for buttons. Command-line partitioning [David Brownell] DataFlash: Various changes requested by Russell King.

The Linux-arm-kernel Mailing lists is where the work is actually being done.