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Yes, that what i was saying about the interesting aspects of their DDR usage. More like an overpriced paper weight which inhibited overclocking. I guess because Abit wasn’t up to the task of designing a board from scratch. Ive never had experience with Asus dual boards before. Sun Dec 30, 9:

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Mon Dec 31, 8: Axatax Ars Praefectus Registered: You think businesses actually put Abit boards in servers?

Ive never had experience with Asus dual boards before.

ASUS A7M266-D Dual Athlon Motherboard

It’s obvious there will be an abundance of overclocking boards already I’ll believe that the Abit is targeted at servers when I see it. Ive known about the short commings of that board when all of these websites thought they asud the shit because they received a review unit of the Tyan Thunder. Jan 5, Posts: Mon Dec 31, 3: Is this a personal setiment or do you know of a shortcoming of this board?


Dec 7, Posts: Mar 8, Posts: Sat Dec 29, asuss Though a little rough, i do believe you can select the cpu clock speed. Gigabyte, Iwill and Epox have better specs.

Asus A7MD Dually – Ars Technica OpenForum

Wed Jan 02, Mar 18, Posts: Feb 11, Posts: I had the A7M and hated it. Dump the audio, replace it with Raid! Comparatively, the people who desire overclocking features, and actually purchase this ‘board, will be few, compared to those that will see a board with overclocking “features” and subliminally atleast, downgrade it to a “hobbiest” board not suited for a business server I think i will wait a tad bit longer.

Basically, the guy was scared to unlock his CPU’s I’m not knocking Abit, but this seems like a silly assumption.

For the most part, seems to have quite a few features and the use of DDR was quite interesting. Sun Dec 30, 7: Unfortunately, the review is fairly lame, awus it tells us none of what we really want to know.


Though I’m still hoping to hit MHz with dual cpus using my Koolance at the default voltage Screenshot shown below from current A7MD bios: Speaking of the A7MD, anyone know if it will use the on-die probe? Sun Dec 30, Nov 8, Posts: Via Hardware has a review of that board at this link.

I may look at the Gigabyte MPX board, though. Mon Dec 31, 2: Sep 19, Posts: