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JGSF , Feb 26, If you were told somewhere that this is going to “overclock” your sound card or BS like that, this is not my fault and no, it does not “overclock” your sound card. After a lot of troubleshooting, I now have 2 SBLive: JPG Yeah, I have nforce 3 chipset. If so we can’t give you any help.

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How this is done depends on your particular audio software and there usually is some sort of an audio configuration dialog.

ASIO4ALL with kX 24/96 | Hardware Heaven Forums

Chances are you never worked with ASIO before. No need to fiddle with the DSP settings at all. Check the MIDI settings of your host application!

I would be surprised if the X-fi’s could get that low. Just try k out yourself!

Don’t listen to or trust Creative. The nforce4 chipset is terrible for audio apps I then stripped all audio drivers, A4all, etc. The creative ASIO driver mx comes with the card is even weaker, you’d probley can’t go lower 10ms, so the whole 1ms thing is complete crap, I think someone should mail creative about there FALSE claim of 1ms and get to the bottom of it, and also have them remove those LIE’S of there site.


ASIO4ALL or the kX Drivers? | NI Community Forum

The remainder is taken up by the installer. Check the ‘Force 16bit Samples’ box!

No sound on SoundMax Digital Audio Inviato Mon 14 Aug 06 1: I have received quite a number of these kind offers from people. Any ideas what the heck I’m doing wrong? Asioa4ll, you simply get no audio, and, if you open the ASIO4ALL control panel, you will find that your audio outputs are flagged with an error symbol.

Asio4all + Kx?

If you were told somewhere that this is going to “overclock” your sound card or BS like that, this is not my fault and no, it does not “overclock” your sound card. I tried that once again Saturday morning. PogoApr 15, Is the download broken? Anyone looking for lower latency, working with many proffesional audio apps like Cubase SX, Nuendo, Wavelab ect.

It’s just that I have to use software input monitoring and the latency really sucks. KXproject is alright but there’s to many problems that can occur and it’s only for SB cards. Try to set up a project with 48kHz and see whether this makes a difference.


Same applies to pro audio gear with dedicated ASIO drivers, though. No mine is the Asuo4all with the internal drive. Thanks for your help.

When I select the control panel on the desktop, the sample rate is grayed out Version 1. Please use the “ASIO Asuo4all Panel” button from inside your audio application in order to adjust the driver settings instead. Cubase that perform automatic ASIO latency compensation.

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Ssio4all Sat 12 Aug 06 2: Inviato Mon 14 Aug 06 Time code is limited to 1 deck and only for 5 minutes. First of all, thank you for this! I really can’t think of anything else Do you already have an account?