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Again, you may have to force a speed and duplex setting in system preferences. Does the Asante Troubleshooter software pass all the tests for your MacCon? The FriendlyNET line provides networking solutions for small offices, homes, schools, and pre-press markets. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. That’s the eureka moment. Posted December 22, Then again, those are just different hoops!

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Again, you may have to force a speed and duplex setting in system preferences. Asante’s IntraCore and FriendlyNET product families offer companies a full breadth of products- from the edge to the core of their networks.

Hosting your own mail server xsante another intriguing possibility. All fields now indicate ‘will be supplied by server’ and the ‘search domains’ box is blank.

Given this, is it even realistic to expect that System 7. It passes buffer, NIC and loopback. Edited December 29, by Bunsen https: I never thought to tinker with the settings of the modern Mac to ensure that they could communicate, so I’ll definitely look into that.

SE/30 + Asante Ethernet: close, but no cigar – Compact Mac – 68kMLA Forums

The AppleTalk control panel won’t affect your ethernet connection. Asante’s History The story of Asante Networks started in with a couple of men, brimming with ideas and technology that saante change the world. Moving forward, Asante will continue bringing the best breed not only for data switch products, but security surveillance integrated system with enterprise grade wireless solution.


FriendlyNET products are designed with speed, value, and awante. Then again, those are just different hoops!

Network Wiring

Edited December 22, by BlueBoy. I find it interesting that my main Asante board the one that connects to the mobo and its daughter board are labeled differently.

The business simply translates into a quality name with innovative, reliable, ease of use, best price performance, data, security, product company. Even if you have one of those clients, you need a modern email service that will let you log in without SSL, which do exist, although who knows for how long.

The bare minimum modern standard you need is SMTP authentication, and only a handful of clients for System 7. If it’s giving the MacCon gigabit speeds, it just won’t work. By the part number, it looks like you may have a MacCon 30ie. Its Layer 2 and 3 switches include those for managed workgroups, Gigabit Ethernet, high-capacity fiber optic backbones, and chassis-based multimedia.

I’ve been playing with it on my desk at work connected to our corporate LAN and I’ve also tried running it into my modern desktop Mac with AirPort-to-Ethernet sharing enabled but I just keep going in circles, and I can’t tell at this point if I’m missing some essential driver, or if I have MacTCP mis-configured, or if there’s a hardware failure at play here.

About Asante

The upside to my method is you don’t have to have a helper Mac. The other tests result in a Asqnte transmission failed. Posted December 23, edited.


I’m not seeing any files anywhere on the drive that seem directly related to the Ethernet board – nothing labeled Asante in the System Folder, etc. In DecemberAsante held its initial public offering and was named the 19th fastest growing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. With this humble beginning, Asante went on to become the leading provider of Ethernet networking solutions for Apple Computer.

The email client on the vintage computer can simply rely on password-based authentication and is pointed to the raspberryIP for both its POP and SMTP servers on different ports of course. By default the Asante driver installer v5. As for your ethernet issue — I don’t think you should be seeing the Network control panel at all.

Try them all to find the best one.

Does the Asante Troubleshooter software pass all the tests for your MacCon? Sign In Sign Up. Focused on a specific untapped service, Asante etherhet success through its Ethernet networking solutions, with products such as switches, hubs, and adapter cards. What model device do you have, just out of curiosity?