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Sometimes I just get excited about my little Phenom that can and does. Check out this benchmark: It’ll drive a good midrange GPU just fine, and the plentiful cores which are all independent, unlike the FX CPUs will make short work of any multithreaded workloads you might have. In my case I thought it more pertinent to show the most “real world” cases and p seemed to be the way to go. Videos only mentioning AMD in passing i. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. The only other redeaming ansver could be that production techniques for bulldozer wafers must be dirt cheap and fast paced.

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The other three series are formed from Deneb dies by die harvesting, that is, chips that were produced with some amount of defects. It seems turning off cool n quiet helped the FX in cinebench.

The Bulldozer Review: AMD FX Tested

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Either way they are both decent mid range gaming CPUs today. Excavator will do the same in As it’s been mentioned a dozen times already, the ti is going to be a much bigger bottleneck for any non-single thread games than the pilefriver is going to be.


Latest News Latest Videos. July 8, OP Thank you for posting this.

Do note that some older AMD processors had stronger but less cores than Bulldozer. Motherboard chipsets List of AMD chipsets. Another great article Mr Shrout.

Views Read Edit View history. Everything about the Bulldozer points to AMD migrating slowly from client to server.

AMD Vishera FX & FX Review – Page 15

In reality, we are just as confused how 2 billion transistors loses to 1. It’s interesting watching this play out. That’s sort of the problem with synthetic benchmarks – they don’t take into account the individual nuances of each chip generation. Slowly increase the clock pilerdiver of Bulldozer over the next x years and make a real play for the high end server market. Page 1 of I run at x and will do so for quite a while yet.

Only place this thing shines is the 8 cores. Lower graphical tier ‘e-sports’ games like rocket league, cs: There is some thubban that the Asus crosshair is not performing as well. It’s actually pretty close, my little bro is running a T at 3.

AMD Vishera FX-6300 & FX-4300 Review

This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat Still, the Phenom beats it in every benchmark. Thing is when games begin using stuff like AVX and other instructions K10 doesn’t have, Bulldozer will widen the gap.


My second CPU was the T couldn’t afford anything more. Lo and behold the phenom beat the fx by a quiet a margin. Think about it long term, AMD unless I am misinformed Have stopped production on everything that doesnt use the new bulldozer design.


He spends most of his time at fps, with a few small dips piledirver the 30s. AMD originally told us Bulldozer was a 2B transistor chip.

So it is possible that this specific CPU is one of the few that has a stronger core than Bulldozer. I have no problem with the cooler being loud and the CPU running hot within reason as long as the performance is there.

Attach the cooling module to your CPU socket via a simple bracket, and affix the radiator to your case and you’re good to go. No referral links, including Amazon!