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Protected application with encrypted swf would not start under Windows 8. Documentation has been corrected to state that it is not possible to install vendor-specific SL-UserMode V2C bundled in a branded Run-time Environment. A new log element functionparams2 is available. ALDN was a company that produced software for digital rights management and Internet security. When the login to a Feature would fail, the log file would not contain the username, hostname, FeatureID and haspid, if specified in scope. The function would return either localhost

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When a proxy server is used, Admin Control Center was not able to obtain language packs automatically. For information on the log template, see the Edit Log Parameters screen and related help screen in Admin Control Center.

At the end user site, the firewall must be configured so that communication via this port is not blocked. This problem does not occur when a user attempt to access Admin Hsp Center for a remote License Manager.

When Control Guard Agent version 4. See the readme file included in the hotfix for more details. HASPwhich stands for Hardware Against Software Piracywas the company’s first product and evolved into a complete digital rights management suite, that includes a software only option and a back office management application, in recent years also software as a service capability.


The License Manager would fail when it attempted to scan more than remote servers.

Installing the HASP dongle

When an activated SL-Legacy license is installed on a machine that contains Products that have clone protection disabled, and a user then attempts to detach a license, error 64 clone detected was generated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Its corporate headquarters are located in Belcamp. When using RTE version 6.

Hardlock Driver

When an application is protected with “Enable data file encryption” selected in Sentinel LDK Envelope, and file extensions are added in the filter, it was not possible to save the encrypted files to a network location.

In addition, the template is now used for log entries generated by Embedded License Managers and External License Managers.

This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat It is used across many platforms Windows, Linux, Mac. False positive VM detection would occur on a physical machine that had aos Hyper-V virtual machine. Names provided within a license container for example, a V2C file are valid just for that container.

Sentinel Downloads

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Local License Manager is hasl more resistant to potential sources of corruption, such as power failure.

The message “Error E – unknown error” was returned.

Windows XP Embedded is not supported with this installer. The new HL key would not be recognized and would not work. Trend Micro has released the following hotfix to resolve this issue: After you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8, reinstall the Run-time Environment.


Sentinel LDK and Sentinel HASP Run-time Environment Installer GUI: Readme

This issue does not occur with Sentinel HL Driverless keys with firmware version 4. Product names displayed in Hasl Control Center were different from the names specified at creation time.

The key would not be displayed in Sentinel Admin Control Center.

A Stop error BSoD would occur. Existing elements sessioncount, logincount, loginlimit that did not provide reliable results have been corrected. As a result, HL keys would become inaccessible.

Use Sentinel HL keys with Firmware version 4. Documentation has been corrected to state that it is not possible to install vendor-specific SL-UserMode V2C bundled in a branded Run-time Environment. Now a license can be successfully detached. When a Feature that is disabled for virtual machines is installed on a virtual machine, the Run-time Environment did not return the usable tag as false.