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It is all about how hard it is for two people in love to be compatible with each other. Do a clean install. Installation Download and unpack in a folder accessible by the web server. A database wrapper library such as ADOdb comes in handy when you need to ensure portability. ADOdb has a function called dbDate that addresses this issue by converting converting the date to the correct format. Database abstraction layer is a software with which database tasks connect, execute queries etc can be performed with more than one databases. And oh, if we ever part, then that might break my heart.

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How to Write Code for Any Database with PHP ADODB

Download and unpack in a folder accessible by the web server. We could alternately provide some other way to indicate they want to use the older “mysql” library if we really want to support it. Use adodb “mysqli” instead of “mysql” Bug reported by Aaron Wells on The way I finally decided to implement this is as follows: So, in most cases, the software application can be functioning with many databases without modification to source code.

This way, everyone who has the mysqli extension gets silently upgraded to it without having to take any action, and those who don’t have it can continue to use the site but get a warning recommending them to upgrade.


Unfortunately in PHP every database is accessed slightly differently. Mahara is currently using the adodb “mysql” driver for MySQL connections.

This site actively encourages commenting on any post. The first problem is that each database has a different default date format. Sending the SQL statement to the server is straight forward.

Some databases will not support backwards scrolling. Second Refrain You say laughter and I say lawfter, You say after and I say awfter; Laughter, lawfter, after, awfter – Let’s call the whole thing off! While not end-of-file, loop through each field in the row.

php – ADODB – Switch from Mysql to Mysqli – Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. A useful comparison is available here. If you aren’t familiar with object-oriented programing, don’t worry — the complexity is all hidden away in the NewADOConnection function.

Sidebar Resources Reference Manual. For that matter, we should probably change the recommended dbtypes from “mysql5” and “postgres8” to just “mysql” and “postgres”. It’s about compromise and finding a common ground, and that’s what this mysqll is all about. The results are printed, one line per row. You like vanilla and I like vanella, You, sa’s’parilla and I sa’s’parella; Vanilla, vanella, choc’late, strawb’ry – Let’s call the whole thing off!


The paradigm for getting the data is that it’s like reading a file. You can also read a comparison here.

Your company has done such a fantastic job that the Web site is more popular than your wildest dreams. To conserve memory, we only load the PHP code specific ,ysqli the database you are connecting to.

Aaron Wells u-aaronw wrote on Best topics on the matter are those ones: You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Funk Forty Niner Thanks for the answer, I will do as you suggest. If it falls back to the older mysql aadodb, it shows you a warning on the admin screen indicating that you’re using the older mysql PHP extension and recommends that you install the mysqli PHP extension.

CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.

For we know we Need each other, so we Better call the calling off off. Thu Sep 5 But, mysqli and PDO support prepared statements.