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When this option is set to Enable , snapshots of all volumes being backed up will be created simultaneously. If you’re serious about maximizing disk use and data safety, it’s never been easier to c Failed to create volume snapshot. This is not recommended if you have a loaded system. As a result, if the data spans across several volumes, the resulting backup may be not consistent.

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As a disk imaging software, True Image ca If you snapehot to change the current volume of where the storage is to a different one, you can do this on server operating systems with the vssadmin delete shadowstorage and vssadmin add shadowstorage commands.

46155: Acronis Backup: Troubleshooting Disk/Partition Backup Failures

Was this article helpful? Was this article helpful? Database NAME is not simple. Recreate the backup plan. Was this article helpful?

See the scheme below: All necessary components should be installed. If there are dynamic disks in the system, the information about them is provided to ftdisk. See Export and import of backup snalshot.


Acronis Backup Software: Troubleshooting Snapshot Issues | Knowledge Base

Manage local backup plans and tasks owned by any zpi registered in the operating system. Trying to back up files that are opened for exclusive access will result in a read error.

See also Microsoft TechNet: It also allows to create backups under running Windows with an unlimited number of files In this case proceed as described in the solution section. If other VSS-aware applications are running on the machine and you need to keep their logs for any reason.

This is done before the backup starts, and guarantees that the data is in consistent state. Please open a New Topic in preference to sending private messages to me unless there is a compelling reason for doing so.

The resulting backup will be equal in size to the disk being backed up if the Compression level option is set to ‘None’.

Removing Acronis SnapAPI Drivers | Knowledge Base

I have had no more crashes so it seems VSS Doctor did fix something. File is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore” Awaiting task ‘CreateSnapshot’ has failed.

Accronis support was unable to assist, and now they say I am out of support. Otherwise it’s a general wpi failure. Therefore, the data in the backup would be inconsistent.


Failed to create volume snapshot. In reply to Stephen, I have not seen any… by Steve Smith. In its turn, the Acronis driver aip working to hold the point-in-time view of the system volume. Failed to start creating the volume snapshot. Rosolve the issue as described in these articles: This option also applies to file-level backup when the file-level backup is performed by taking a snapshot.


Acronis True Image 9. Acronis True Image or simply True Image is a brand name for a line of backup and disk imaging software for Microsoft operating systems, produced by Acronis. So, please ensure the user specified for backup plan and Managed Machine Service is in Backup operators group. Acronis Product Errors Out apu “Unable to initialize snapshot manager library”.