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This item doesn’t belong on this page. Was a different color than I expected but preferred the one I got. I had to re-calibrate the brightness and the contrast to suit my preference and tone down the brightness. It has an excellent contrast ratio, but very bad black uniformity so it isn’t a good choice for a dim room. Angle where the colors noticeable shift compared to when viewed from directly in front of the monitor. The display port cable that came with it was broken, it would flicker in and out.

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Acer G257HU – LED monitor – 25″

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I’ll be doing that ASAP. The foam secures it and the cables it comes with were wrapped hastily.

It can’t introduce flicker to reduce motion blur. If the monitor has adjustable pixel overdrive settings, which one produces the best response time with acerr overshoot.

Acer GHU smidpx 25 Inch LED LCD Monitor – Silver | eBay

Overall color temperature of all videos. The frequency at which the monitor’s can be boosted to using its internal menu. Of course, this aspect changes or varies between unit to unit since perfectly correctly manufactured IPS panels are still rare.


There is 8 bit banding in all colors. Unfortunately, this model does not come with VESA-mount accessories. It doesn’t have any Axer charging ports or additional features. How quickly pixels can fully transition from one color to another.

How much light is reflected by the TV. The image looks a bit bluish, especially when viewing white backgrounds and applications.

Acer G257HU smidpx 25 Inch LED LCD Monitor – Silver

While there are no major issues with the build, there is nothing that stands out either. With the ‘off’ setting there is no overshoot in any of the transitions. Join our mailing list: The p resolution makes it easier to multitask or acee see more of high-resolution files.

When looking at a monitor while standing up. Decent monitor for use in an office setting. How much the position of the screen can be adjusted to match the viewing preference of the user. It has decent motion handling, with a great response time and no flicker.


Acer GHU Review – Affordable p IPS Monitor for Mixed Use

However, the monitor is great for gaming not because of its image quality, but due to its excellent responsiveness. Lowest possible frequency of flickering pattern.

When consuming or producing HDR content. The resolution g257hy high enough that individual pixels aren’t noticeable. The stand is mediocre and has very few adjustments so it is hard to place it in an ideal viewing position.

Only drawback is 1 monitor must be p as the pro 3 cannot drive 3 2k monitors together. Delay between input and onscreen reaction.

White balance is significantly higher than our threshold of 3 and it is noticeable to most people even when browsing the web. Image retention measured after a recovery time of 10 minutes. Overall color temperature of all video. The stand creaks when moved or adjusted and does not seem well ader.