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This works with the Accuforce and DSD pedals. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Do you already have an account? However, if you understand what the settings do, you will be able to judge if the wizard came up with something sensible or not. Thanks to Avenga76 for the setup guide – great work! It’s a safety measure.

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Their support system is indeed a hit and miss sometimes and i have detected some arrogance in the past too.

Accuforce and Non supported wheel and pedals fix — Codemasters Forums

This will set up your wheel and remove the deadzones. It works really well for the GS-4, out of the box the bumps are a bit extreme on the GS-4 so either turn them down a bit or auto tune just the GS It tried turning even further to 0. Jan 12, 8.

Look for the hardware in the device manager than manually install the driver. I have a very nice windows 7 machine and run iracing with an accuforce wheel and hpp pedals.

In addition to this, there are two other effects which control oscillation, so why this effect is included here is confusing for sure. Some games will produce audible frequencies when Engine RPM is enabled.


Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service

The AccuForce already has a wheel and a button box that together weigh nearly 4lbs! Be careful with this setting as too high of a value might create an effect where the wheel literally bounces back with full force.

That’s not to say that the Auto Tuning Wizard is useless.

BTW you only have till the end of the week to get the free windows 10 upgrade Free upgrade offer ends 29th of July. Supposedly this simulates your wheel windpws dampened as if it were in some sort of fluid. Click here to print your certificate.

First up go to.

MockRacer: AccuForce Settings For Dummies

Smoothing removes spikes from the data. The only thing I would recommend is to turn the wheel friction all the way down, if not off completely because it makes the wheel feel really heavy and dead, with it turned down the cars feel much more alive.

This setting tries to simulate your wheel having different weights, and therefore the higher the value, the more the accufogce will maintain the direction its traveling in. That’s when I figured, if this is their level of service, what will happen if there is a defect of a problem with the product? Also tune to feel.

I set my Accuforce to device 0 and my DSD pedal to device 1. Jan 13, 9. Posted July 25, If you have never applied my original fix acchforce jump to step 5. This will reveal additional effects you can bring into view. They are still extremely busy trying to catch up on the demand of the AF. Go to Steam, right click on Dirt Rally then click on properties, then go to local files then click on “Verify integrity of game cache”.


So i sent screen dumps from the website and from their cart showing the “new” price and they didn’t respond, twice.

For example, if the Max Vehicle Steering Force slider was set to 13Nm, and the game requested 15Nm, the AccuForce will attempt to actually wundows you 15Nm by pumping more juice into the motor. This can afcuforce be tuned to your personal liking. I had to modify my controller preset with my pedals.

It may even surprise you. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Sets the range of rotation for the wheel.