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The stand has a base adapted to be placed on a table surface, and a prop formed with a first cable passage that extends along a vertical axis. A wireless audio transmitter is capable of converting audio signals into wireless Bluetooth signals. The present invention reveals a structure of circuit boards for a wireless communication apparatus to increase product yield and throughput. The electrical plug is purposed to connect a called powerline networking, for instance, the home powerline. Eric Oh-Yang, Richard Chen.

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The original data are sequentially processed by a Bluetooth base band processor and a Bluetooth RF processor, and are converted into RF signals.

A PC card having automated Drag and Sleep function is equipped with Drag and Sleep control circuit to connect to the ablcom of the PC card, a connector unit and the other devices.

Pomtop Corp Taipei Hsien Telecommunication systems. Description Key figures Executives Activities. The transmitter comprises an ADC converting input analog audio signals into digital signals. The primary circuit board unit includes a primary substrate having first and second major surfaces, which are respectively formed with substrate terminals and board terminals that extend transversely therefrom.

As the connection of the connector unit to the external system the external networks or devices is cut off, the Drag and Sleep control circuit generates and transmits interrupt-signal to the controller to enable the PC card to get into sleep state; when the disconnected connector unit is once again connected to the external system such as the external networks or devicesthe Drag and Sleep control circuit generates and transmits interrupt-signal to the controller to enable the PC card to resume normal state, thus the PC card can effectively save energy because it can greatly lower the electric current consumption under the sleep state.


The electrical cable has a first end connected to the first electrical connector, and a second end opposite to the first end, and extends through the first and second cable passages.

The micro-controller is connected to a MODEM module and an ether network media access controller through an internal bus, wherein the MODEM module is connected to the second connector for accessing Internet; and the ether network media access controller connected to the third connector through a physical layer for accessing LAN. Jye Tai Precision Ind Co Taipei City Telecommunication systems.

The portable web pad has a housing including a front side and a rear side, a processing circuit installed inside the housing, a display panel installed on the front side of the housing, and a first coupling device installed on the rear side of the housing that has a first connector electrically connected to the processing circuit. A wireless transmission module is set in the second part for transmitting the sytsems.

A wireless transceiving apparatus for audio signals comprises a bluetooth transceiver for transmitting and receiving digital signals, a bluetooth base-band unit electrically connected to the bluetooth transceiver, a processing unit electrically connected to the bluetooth base-band unit, and a codec unit electrically connected to the processing unit.

An apparatus for providing power and network sytems from a powerline network includes: Register Forgot your password? Help with expert advice.

Abocom Systems Inc – Miaoli Hsien , #77 You Yi Rd,chunan , RATION NO.

The control circuit detects states of the computer signal input port, the TV tuner, the monitor connection port, and the wireless communications module and controls the switch accordingly to establish connections. Inson Corp Taipei Hsien Telecommunication wireleds. A wireless light indication and control device connected with a helmet is provided.

The second coupling device includes a second connector corresponding to the first connector.


Wireless computer peripheral interface with the capability of identification. A wireless audio transmitter is capable of converting audio signals into wireless Bluetooth signals. The auxiliary circuit board unit includes an auxiliary substrate having third and fourth major surfaces, and a set of conductive vias that extend from the third major surface through the fourth major surface and that permit the substrate terminals to extend respectively therethrough such that the auxiliary substrate is spaced apart from the primary substrate and such that the conductive vias are connected electrically to the signal distribution circuit via the substrate terminals.

PC card with automated drag and sleep function.

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A dual-purpose connector assembly includes a stand, a first electrical connector, an electrical cable and a second electrical connector. Description Key figures Activities.

The pedestal has a second coupling device detachably coupling with the first coupling device. Teleken Electronics Co Lt Talk to the team. This networking adapter connects this electrical plug to transport the signal and data packets along the powerline.

AboCom Systems Inc

As the user wears the helmet of the present invention, the light can generate warning effect based on the movement of the helmet, so as to provide the user a syztems comprehensive traffic safety. The first electrical connector is mounted on the prop and is adapted to connect electrically with the peripheral device. Eric Oh-Yang, Richard Chen.

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