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We feel that Asus have done a pretty good job with the A7VE. Although latency is cut in half, you do sacrifice some security as RAID 0, by it’s very nature, has no redundancy. This sound chip capable of 5. We appreciate that little touch. Both systems were configured for maximum performance. What was the best tech product of ?

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The same story unfolds here. Can you say consistent? That’s not to say that Asus have not been busy in the retail channel, just one look at adio extensive product catalogue informs you of that.

Our strict timings and use of the performance-enhancing 1T command certainly pay dividends here. The memory throughput is a far more interesting comparison. The board satisfies it’s probable OEM target market pretty well. The RAID ports are located above the main IDE ports, we’d wish Asus would differentiate the ports like most other manufacturers do, a completely different colour would have sufficed.

If, for any reason, you cannot load Windows and have to switch the machine off, it will then next restart by automatically clearing CMOS by itself, thereby ensuring that BIOS defaults are loaded. The board also has a fail-safe booting mechanism. The Asus is almost unique in that it offers both jumper and jumper-free modes of operation. We don’t like to see this happen, but in the cut-throat world of motherboard manufacturing, any increase in performance, however gained, is more than welcome.


The Asus at Mhz takes an expected lead in this test. It’s the same as the KTA in all other respects.

Asus have worked hard to gain this enviable reputation, work that has aaudio them leap to become to 1 manufacturer of PC motherboards world-wide. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. And there you have it.

Once again, the impression of quality is aduio here. Let’s have a look at the results. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Three Kings is the DVD of choice, it’s mixture of action and dialogue make it an excellent benchmarking test. It also sports an upgraded South bridge which is now ATA compliant.

Motherboard Watch: Asus A7V266

Impressive results from a stock-clocked Geforce auio Ti However, the MSI, running with asynchronous memory, puts a little distance between itself and the Asus. Another observation we made was that the board takes a while to power up once the power switch is depressed, longer than any other board we’ve had in the labs.


We also disliked the inability to be able to turn the RAID controller off, this increased the boot up times by at least 10 seconds. Out attention is immediately drawn to the number of jumpers and dip-switches on the board, something we are seeing less of these days.

ASUS A7V KT Motherboard

We appreciate that little touch. The fact that certain jumpers still have to be manipulated is a negative point. On-board sound is having something of a renaissance of late. RAID 1 is more commonly used to back up data as one drive simply mirrors what’s is on the other.

We’re looking at speeds greater than real-time here. Again, we see the Asus trailing the MSI at stock speeds but managing to overtake it when ‘clocked to the limit. This one takes a while to complete. This new riser design makes way for cost effective solutions such as Audio, Modem, Network Cards, 5.

Asus also show the relative running speed of the PCI bus.