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Oh, I think I’m working it out by specifying Modes in Display. Here is the log file. And why the resolution is correct when using Xubuntu from the LiveCD? So give it a re- try with the command-line ModeLine “x” Thank you for your answer, John. All times are GMT.

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Detected current MCLK value of I have reconfigured xserver over and over again, sxvage can only get X and X video choices. Can you help with this problem?

IBM ThinkPad T20 (2647-84G) & S3 Savage resolution in Xubuntu 8.10

II [drm] DRM interface version 1. Screen “Screen 1” Each InputDevice line specifies an InputDevice section name and optionally some options to specify the way the device is to savagge used. II Cannot locate a core keyboard device. Wim launchpad-xs4all said on Thanks much for your help!

Savage chip and DRI. – Ars Technica OpenForum

Wed Feb 13, 9: With it the client can still run and fetch card and monitor attributes, but it will not be allowed to change them. If you state “x” “x” “x” in every “Modes”-line, then by default the FIRST resolution is taken, the others are available. Adding extended input device “Generic Keyboard” type: And how to find out, which is the right setting for my laptop’s LCD savafe in the “xrandr –output” parameter?


As Menting said, if anyone has good ideas to solve the problem, please come forward. II resource ranges after preInit: Gentoo Forums Forum Index Multimedia.

This is for example only. Can you try connecting through your analog connector? I did not notice the answer from “man xrandr”.

Savage Family Linux XFree86 4. In the absence of this, the first section is used. Deborphan may decide it is just a futile library, but that is false. I think what I might have been doing is running make in the configs directory. That is also the largest resolution to select in GUI settings. Sadly, the resolution is still only x Mon Mar 20, 3: Using lines for offscreen memory.

Cannot select screen resolution with Savage drivers

Seek the same location and compare the resolution given savagw Thu Feb 14, 1: Have done that numerous times. Option “DisableModInDev” Uncomment this to enable the use of a non-local client savxge change the keyboard or mouse settings currently only xset.


Video is corectly identified as savage video. When it takes a screenshot of the entire screen, it will show the contents of the ghost screen, even though you can’t see it directly.

S3 Savage IX8 – ThinkWiki

The compile finished and it didn’t work, but I got a new message which is good. Now the resolution of the logon screen is x, but when system sets video settings just after loginworkspace changes to x scaled to the whole wavage. Cannot select screen resolution with Savage drivers Asked by Leesway on Feb 16, Posts: