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Toyo , Apr 27, Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. In this article, I will show you how to find and remove these devices, and how to automate the removal process if you have a large number of them. Have had major problems over the past few days, and found around hidden 6to4 adaptors. A relay router connects to an IPv4 network and an IPv6 network. Here’s another great link re:

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Backup, Imaging, Disk Management Forum. The exe listed here is for computers with itanium processors.

Microsoft 6to4 Adapter issue

It is part of the new WDK. Considerations Problems with the 6to4 adapters usually are discovered by 6tk4 when seeing the system status on the Windows Device Manager.

Networj owe you big time! How to remove the unwanted Tunnel Adapters via Device Manager: What else I should do in order to remove the 71 tunnel adapters? It’s function is not designed to be used permanently, but mainly through the initial deployment phases. I was dealing with those bothersom whatevers in my device manager, and this just got rid of them all. Mines also says remove failed for each device Posted: When all adapters are done, reboot.


I’ve seen pcs with over hundred of these, not sure why, must be a bad configuration. If you have any questions adapteer comments, make sure to leave them below! Click OK, then Close. I’m doing the solution.

In this post, I have shown you how to remove those pesky 6to4 adapters that may be screwing up your network connection. A reader has submitted the bit version of the devcon tool. If you’re using windows 7 you can use the snipping tool to do screen shots. Other than I now have a 6to4 adapter, with adaptet yellow exclamation mark Similar Threads – Microsoft 6To4 Adapter.

Automating “6to4” Adapter Removal in Windows –

I’ve solved it now, I just got this fixit solution: Many thanks Ryan, saved my day too. Set-Net6to4configuration -state disabled Set-Netisatapconfiguration -state disabled Afapter -type disabled Caveat – if for some reason you want the tunnel adapters on some, but not all, of your interfaces, this isn’t the right solution.

One of those, with the tick box ticked, should be something that says something like Microsoft IPv6.


I disable it, then I get error codes about it being disabled. Don’t forget to rename it just remove the zeroes in the end.

What Is the 6T04 Adapter in My Computer?

Removing them one by one can be tedious and time consuming. I did “ipconfig” today and found about 10 network interfaces, most of them disconnected. Also, if your local site isn’t running ipv6, then your router doesn’t have any use for it either.

For god’s sake, just tell me what to click 66to4 where! There is an error in step 5. Using the site is easy and fun. As of now, I’m stuck with removing each one manually!

(Solved) – Microsoft 6to4 adapter #5 « How-To Geek Forums

How can I diagnose this? I just checked that and I metwork have any selection for that. Do you have VPN connections set up to the workplace etc?