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So AA involves read, modify and write operations. A somewhat related question: KoolSmoky Home Rosario Gallery. For win XP FastVoodoo2 4. Creative library to get x or above resolutions in some games with one Voodoo2.

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Tomb Raider – Dagger of Xian dem The dithering can soften this effect. Yes, my password is: Install both Voodoo2 cards into adjacent PCI slots in your. Tue Jan 27, 3: Btw – link to 33dfx nice 3dfx help page http: Athlon compatible Voodoo2 Driver based on V3. Voodoo2 and WinXP 9 posts.

Disclaimer Use at your own Risk! Are there any good drivers for a voodoo2 card on Windows XP?

The most problematic ones are nForce4 and supposedly nForce3. So AA involves read, modify and write operations.

Voodoo2 and WinXP – Ars Technica OpenForum

Not all games support this setting. Package includes WickedGL 3. Once you are certain Voodoo2 is installed properly in its slot, secure it with a screw.


December, 29, What do you mean by “fails”? V2 SLI can run very hot especially in newer boards and even lockup or artifact. This is most likely caused by directx 9c.

Bangkok, the most beautiful women you have ever seen in your life are absolutely common place here Registered: Due to its nature, compatibility response is system depending so you could make a restore point with Windows XP embedded tool before to try it on your own machine.

Voodoo2 and WinXP

But might not be that easy 3rfx mount and will likely be a custom solution. W2k display drivers are core level drivers so they fail in WinXp if the standard level is used. Ask a question and give support. Apr 8, Posts: The LegendgrafiX VoodooMage 2.

Both will be clocked higher than MHz though. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

| 3dfx Channel | Voodoo2 | Drivers | FastVoodoo2 XP GE | Release Notes

To avoid accidental electric shock, be sure to shut your computer down and unplug the power cord before starting the following procedures. It contains Glide2x and Glide3x in beta version from glide.


Moving sliders to the left decreases brightness; to the right increases brightness. When the window opens, scroll or browse until you see the Control Panel folder.

Other info and fixed bugs list is in driver release notes. And note that I’m not really opposed to putting them in a Win98 machine – that’s where the single V2 has been for a while 3xfx. All versions up to 9b included are safe and stable, I haven’t tested the early builds od 9c – some of them may be fine Select this checkbox to chain all three of the sliders together so vodooo adjusting one slider adjusts them all.