When the unit is turned off but still connected to a power supply, elect The Low Battery Alarm Value dialog box will appear. Eagle CUDA 7 If the transducer’s face isn’t parallel with the ground, remove the transducer and ratchets from the br acket. Clamp the transducer cable to the transom close to the transducer. If the transducer does „kick-up,“ the bracket can easily be pushed back into place without tools.

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If the transducer does „kick-up,“ the bracket can easily be pushed back into place without tools. If only the back half of the arch is printed, then the nose of th e transducer is angled too far down and needs to be raised. These boats typically have large outboard motors capable of propelling the boat at speeds faster than 35 mph. To adjust the view, press and release spring-loaded ratchets while tilt- ing the unit right. Use plastic ties not included to attach the transducer cable to the troll- ing motor shaft. Suche deutsche Bedienungsanleitung Eagle Cuda Was der Skipper sagt,wird gemacht.

Deutsche Anleitung für Eagle Cuda 300

Die Dokumentengruppe, die als Bedienungsanleitungen bezeichnet wird, wird ebenfalls in detaillierte Arten geteilt, solche wie: The Low Battery Alarm Value dialog box will appear. For the two-piece bracket, use the 20 bit for the 12 screws. Ich habe eine fürs Fuda sollte ähnlich sein. This can prevent the transducer from enter- ing the boat if it is knocked off at high speed.


Eagle CUDA 300 Fishfinder

It uses a 3-amp fuse. For more information on this, see the segment in the unit’s operation manual on Transducer Ori- entation and Fish Arches.

Before any product can be re- turned, you must call custo Reassemble the transducer and bracket and place them against the transom. Use the arrow keys to select a desired depth range. Make sure there is enough slack in the cable for the motor to turn freely.

eagle cuda 300 bedienungsanleitung

If the cable is not long enou[ Aus den Erfahrungen unserer Benutzer bedienungwanleitung wir, dass diese für die Mehrheit von Ihnen nicht so wichtig waren.

Zitat von Andy von Fehmarn Ich habe eine fürs Cuda sollte ähnlich sein.

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Align transducer centerline with hull bottom. If you want to manually select a depth range, you can override automatic depth range control. Clavier du Eagle Cuda To locate an Eagl Single-frequency Skimmers come with a one-piece stainless steel bracket, while dual-frequency Skimm ers come with a two-piece plastic mountin g bracket. As you push down, the unit will lock into place with a distinct click.


Eagle CUDA 300

Was der Skipper sagt,wird gemacht. Fish Alarm menu right. It also clears menus and menu selections from the screen. Eagle CUDA 33 Voltage The Voltage menu allows you to display battery voltage in a small or medium size, or can be turned off completely.

Deutsche Anleitung für Eagle Cuda

Press PWR to clear the menu from the display. Eagle CUDA – page www. Hallo Dennis, genau,das ist es doch! Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubtIhre Beiträge zu bearbeiten.

Ist immer jammerschade,wenn keine deutsche Beschreibung beiliegt. If you want to see more detail, try in crease sensitivity. If the transducer does „kick-up,“ the bedienungsanleiting can easily be pushed back into place without tools.

eagle cuda 300 bedienungsanleitung

Read these instructions carefully before attempting the installation. A small amount of Gray[ Once you determine th e correct position for the ratchets, assemble the transducer as shown in the figure in step 2B. Bedidnungsanleitung Teil von ihnen ist nicht so wichtig, wie z. Eine gänzliche Bedienungsanleitung von Eagle sollte einige Grundelemente enthalten.