Aus lizenzrechtlichen Gründen fehlt der Liedvers bzw. Website designed by Steve Sicherman. Damit können Sie Ihre Inhalte bequem bearbeiten. CGProductBuilder Module This module allows a customer to dynamically select options for a complex product, similar to dynamic car building, or PC building sites. Selbstverständlich bleiben wir auf Wunsch im Hintergrund. Create and manage a categorized list of Questions and Answers. It provides a name, an email, a subject and message field.

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The Gallery module is a fully functional and easy to use photo gallery for CMSms. Und bevor ich mich versehe, sind sie schon veröffentlicht! News, CGBlog, Products, etc. Messages can include smileys and star rating. An it has some statistics included to count the visits at the different domains. Subdirectories will be shown as subgalleries.


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Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 8. Starting with import and export capabilities Cmsm of course not cmms used for data-intensive stuff, but is much easier for non-intisive things, like maintaining a list of something which has properties. Documentation about Gallery can be found at http: CGBlog Module A fork of the news module, this module will be specialized for personal blogs.

Gallery is CMSms 2. Vmsms Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.


This module is in no way related to the JQueryTools javascript library. Each domain can be assigned to an seperate page-tree. This module will essentially be a combination of the rate-this, and comments module.

Global Content Blocks Module Provides a global content block system similar to the one in 1. Im Normalfall werden die Module bereits mit einer deutschen Sprachdatei ausgeliefert, die mit den vorgenannten Einstellungen automatisch verwendet wird. This is a fork of GBfilePicker which looks like is not being actively maintained any longer.

Es cms,s die meisten Dinge, die ich benötigte, und tat es vor allem auf eine Art, die Sinn für mich machte.

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It allows xmsms administrators, or frontend users to create and respond to tickets. Tutorial and demo at http: FEupload fmsms CMSms 2. This module provides backend users the ability to send very easily an email to several groups of the FrontendUsers module. Anwendermeinungen Paul Lemke sagt Products Module An alternative to the cataloger module, this module allows maintaining a product database, along with prices, images, and various other attributes.

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Possibility to create as many tabs as needed, to ordered them and give them group’s rights. A simple module to allow asynchronous processing of small tasks. Dieses CMS erleichtert perfekt die Aktualisierung einer Webseite, von ganz einfachen angefangen bis hin zu komplexeren. So wird die Übersetzung mancher Cmsmx erst nach dessen Veröffentlichung erstellt oder vervollständigt.


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Birthday Listing Module On the front end, one can show who is celabrating! As well, Directions are supported. CGProductBuilder Module This module allows a customer to dynamically select options for a complex product, similar to dynamic car building, or PC building sites.

At this moment it is limited to handle only images. Included with sitemap templates in the Design Manager for several modules: Now your editors can edit pages with new field blocks such as: The admin can exclude user agents or IP address ranges from the counting Cron Module This module allows execution of cron jobs for modules. It can be used for artist portfolios, product collections, or other, similar uses.

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Conversely to phpMyAdmin, it consist of a single file ready to deploy to the target cmsmd. A simple image processing tag for smarty. Frontend Users Module This is a module for cmsms that allows creation and management of front end users.